Male best friends.

I’m watching this movie about a guy who is slowly falling in love with his best friend. The girl is dating and completely oblivious of what’s happening. She’s totally taken by this other guy even when this guy has been hellbent on controlling every single thing she does. He wants her to lose weight, eat salads, have two drinks instead of three or four you get the drill. The best friend sees this of course but won’t do anything so as not to antagonize their friendship.

I have always wanted me a male best friend although watching this has cemented the notion that perhaps this is a pipe dream. Growing up as a kid I had a male best friend. We played together, got up to mischief together, did what kids do together and it was fun. But kids’ friendships aren’t complicated. Beyond playing ‘ mommy and daddy,’ kids are happy go lucky and life does not complicate things. So such friendships are possible. My partner in crime had to part ways when we moved houses and that was the last of the male- female friendship I ever experienced.

Now, as a young adult, I find it rather hard to maintain a close platonic relationship with a guy. Especially if we get to hang out and do stuff together all the time. Somehow things get murky and they tread dangerous territories that neither of us can handle. I will be honest and say that I’ve been the instigator on a number of occasions. I no longer encourage platonic relationships unless I’m sure I can absolutely handle it. Which is rarely.


I think part of me craves having what I had as a kid and part is curious about what such a friendship really holds now that I’m all grown up. I would also like to have a different opinion from what girlfriends bring to the table and I do have a bunch of feisty, smart girlfriends. Its definitely something I’d like to explore until I get married hopefully and then my husband becomes my best friend. Or isn’t that how it works?

Anyway, I like to read and write and experience a bunch of things in life. If you are looking for a female best friend who’s a bit stubborn but really cool and fun and you stumbled upon this article, send me an email. Location doesn’t matter. Not with the internet. You on the other hand can be whatever you want to be..Funny will get you to the top of the list though.


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