All for one day.

Finally this day is over. Men’s phones can start buzzing again having been switched off and callers relegated to the annoying message, ‘ the person you are calling is not available, please try again later.’ Men realized that this is the most foolproof way of not having ladies you have not talked to in like forever start appearing like ghosts. Mostly with stories about how they moved to your town and you should catch coffee ‘soon.’

I do not know what this spells for ladies who are not particular about the going ons of the day. Maybe I’m just in denial and I would like a huge display of flowers, chocolate some red wine and everything else that we ladies are supposed to like. Maybe I would actually enjoy the attention lavished upon me by a gentleman whose actions are as a result of being coerced by all the commercialising going around.

I don’t mean to say that I don’t like being pampered once in a while. No, don’t get me wrong. What I am opposed to is picking one day and going all out then forgetting about every other day. That’s why I believe we have birthdays and I’m not even fond of those ones. But at least on that day God decided to add another one of you into the world. That’s a reason to celebrate if you really must have the spotlight on me.

Valentines however, always feels for men, I must imagine, like they are being held up to have their worth inspected. Or like they are on the butcher’s table waiting to see if they get picked to be packed up for the next meal. Once the butcher passes you with their knife, you live another day or at least your relationship will.

That being said, I don’t think it’s a particularly bad day for those who actually have a loving relationship and don’t have to exhaust all their energies pretending to be in one. So strut about in town in your red outfits hand in hand with no care in the world. You two deserve it for putting up with each other for that long. Oh, while you are at it, did you notice how everyone else is in red? I know you wanted to get noticed but next year you should probably consider pink.. Or pink and fuschia.I have no idea which is more feminine there but you will surely get noticed in that. Now, those two are having a good time. Much better than the man who had to carry a bunch of flowers across town because bae will have it no other way. It does not matter if we have no idea who this bae is but surely see the man with flowers.

I’m done ranting now but I would really like to know what the fuss is all about. Unless its a giant diamond ring you’ve hidden in that huge bunch of flowers, then i miss the point. And if it is a giant diamond ring, then we really do have cause to celebrate. Don’t we?

No,  I’m not mean or materialistic, but I really feel it for the men who have to carry flowers because their love isn’t real enough if they don’t do it on this day. It does not matter if they did it every other day of the year. If that is a celebration of love, then I want none of that love. Seriously though, it’s a happy time to have your phones up again. Next year, it would be nice to see women carrying the bouquets and wearing the worried expression on their faces.



  1. The Dark Prince · February 19, 2017

    Conformity is the new black, there’s no winning we (men folk) will never win. Show me a man who ignored Valentine’s day and didn’t suffer consequences……I can safely assume you’re the exception in this Valentine’s day madness.


    • murongostl · February 20, 2017

      Well, I don’t know yet but you can safely assume that I still don’t know what the fuss is all about. When I do, maybe I’ll change the tone of this post and let you know while at it.


      • The Dark Prince · February 23, 2017

        Please do. You will enlighten a brother while at it


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