That you are too smart, too opinionated, too stubborn, too brave, too care free, too unyielding, too unapologetic.Too emotional.

That you are too loving, too caring, too smothering, too affectionate, too trusting, too passionate, too naïve, too beautiful.Too accomplished.

That you refuse to be any less of these things. You refuse to compromise. You refuse to yield your identity to fit. You refuse to change to be what they want. That you choose to be these things even when they would rather you were not.

They say, ‘you are too opinionated there is no space for anyone else. You are too stubborn only your way wins. You are too smothering I need to get away. You are too naïve, you are not mature enough.’

You know you could choose to be less of this things. You could be less loving, less trusting, less passionate.Less opinionated. Yet, you could never really be you.

You are all these things because they make you you.They say you have to compromise but no one tells them to compromise. They don’t have to compromise because nothing is too much for them. Everything in measured quantities. As it should be.

You begin to be less. Less opinionated, less stubborn, less brave, less smart. Less passionate. Until all that is left is a shadow of you. Unrecognizable even to you.

All you had to realize is that you don’t have to be unapologetic for being you. So what if you are too trusting. So what if you are too naïve . So what if you are brave. All these things are you. They are not perfect but no one is. Nothing is. They are true. They are real.And next time they want you to be less, tell them you would rather be real than trade it off for measured quantities.

When it’s said and done, when all the too much is put together, there’s a beautiful soul not afraid to be who they really are.

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