Taking the plunge.

This year, I plan to write consistently.. The more I write, the lesser I over analyze situations and the easier it gets for me to keep writing.

On the eve of New year’s I pierced my ears. For the umpteenth time. Wait, one, two, this will make my third time. I told myself that this time I’ll take care of the piercing like a baby. You see, these other times they never got to heal. At least not properly. They closed up. I was too impatient and they did not get the time they needed before I took out the initial set of studs. Anyway, this is not me rattling on about how I have two tiny scars on my ears to remind me..no, you can’t see them. I pierced my ears again because I get earring envy all the time and I just have to get me some pierced ears so I can rock whatever earrings I want. That’s part of the reason. The major reason that is,but my motivation was, if I can get them to heal properly this year then I shouldn’t make any excuses for myself from now on.

My ears are my little ‘ egg’ project.. The kind where a young kid is entrusted with an egg  break before getting bigger responsibility. My ears also signify my willingness to try firsts this year. Like, making mandazi. I have to confess that my tiny bit of narcissism and fear,mostly fear, would not let make mandazis. Because mandazis involve deep frying and for the longest time I’ve had images of the oil flying out of the pan and scalding my hands. Call it paranoia.Today I made mandazis. Did I get burnt?no. Were they tasty? yes. Did I enjoy it? Hell yeah.. So I will be making lots more from now on. I couldn’t have known it would be easy if I hadn’t tried.
Now that I have started with conquering my little fears I’ll move on to the big ones. They don’t have to be fears. Even the things I have wanted to do but never got around to trying. Like skinny dipping.. No I’m kidding. But I think about it. Like baring my soul..even that is proving quite easy and unburdening. That’s the whole essence of why I keep writing even though half the time my thought process seems so convoluted at times and I have no idea why I put you readers through it.

On my birthday this year, I’ll take stock of all the firsts during the year.No matter how small they seem. I’ll make a list, I’ll celebrate them. That will be my gift this year. Maybe I’ll go get myself some fancy earrings while I’m at it.


  1. The Dark Prince · January 9, 2017

    be sure to contact me for a sexy pair of earrings when you need them.

    Liked by 1 person

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