I don’t make new year resolutions. Partly because there’s so much pressure to do it. Not directly but impliedly and I choose to make any resolutions on my birthday. It makes more sense that way if I’m taking into account how many years I’ve lived. Also, my birthday isn’t too far away from the new year. This does not mean that I do not reflect on the present year as it comes to a close. I do. I ruminate over everything that has happened and think about it with a new appreciation and with reduced skepticism. I do not want to carry that on to the next year.

2016, I wrote before has been a lack luster year . That is the skeptical voice speaking but in all honesty there has been much sorrow in 2016. One can only hope that 2017 does not choose to follow in the same trend. There have been failures. Personal failures speaking for myself lots of lows and little highs to make them seem less gloomy. Such is life, one would say . it is also human nature to look at things with the glass half empty mentality. The same mentality that sort of tries to justify any shortcomings that seem to be.

 I’ve chosen to put the skepticism aside and admit that the year was not all bad. Beautiful things did happen and  I got to meet equally beautiful people along the way. Most importantly though, are the ones that were present and still are present at this time of the year. They are the ones who made this year bearable.It is the people and the memories that I consciously choose to carry with me through to the next year that really count.

Tonight, as I wait for the new year to begin, I know that I am consciously choosing to make the next year better. Yes, some events are beyond our control but those that I can control I’ll choose to do so. This in effect means that I will choose that which makes me feel the happiest and fulfilled as opposed to gambling with what I’m unsure about. I will chase after what I want. If there is anything  2016 has taught me is that not trying is worse than trying and failing . Oh, and failure won’t kill you. So, my dear readers, all you need to do is make up your mind to give 2017  and  yourselves a chance to get what you want. It’s a simple resolution really.

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