The uncomfortable dance.

Its a beautiful day in the jungle. No, lions are not found in the jungle but for the sake of this narrative let’s be in the jungle. The animals are busy doing whatever it is they know, just chilling and chasing one another around. Don’t give me that look. I’ve never lived in the jungle so I don’t know what animals do in the jungle.

I know one thing however, in the jungle, the lions chase after the gazelles or whatever succulent treat they choose to indulge in.Not in this jungle.. Here the lion playfully chases after the gazelle then after catching it, in the same playful demeanor releases it again into the world. So the gazelle dashes back to safety , happy to be alive but perplexed at the lions overtures. She decides to test the lion and see if he isn’t just playing or maybe the king has gone soft. She decides to strut slowly but at a distance in front of the lion..slowly back and forth the lion looks on in mild disinterest.

‘ If this lion is not going to eat me ill just go back to my kind and live peacefully.Still baffled by the days events. The jungle must be sick. Something must be wrong. I have to go tell the others.’ She Goes off this time deliberately slow. It doesn’t matter anyway she won’t get eaten.

Halfway down to her family she encounters another lion. This one looks hungry. Very hungry but she isn’t sure if after expending all her energy he won’t turn her around like a kid trying to finish his food. So she doesn’t take off. She waits . Their eyes meet. Its definitely there the hunger, the want , the need to devour her. She knows this game only too well. She has to run or get caught. She might want to stay around just to see what happens but first she has to go say the jungle is the same after all. She dashes off and he follows hot on her heels and this time she is not scared. She can feel the excitement. Yes, this is the law of the jungle. She would not trade it for anything.

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