Something to do, something to love, something to hope for.

The grand essentials of happiness. Three short statements that sum up a pretty easy word to decipher. Yet so much meaning into these statements you can’t simply ignore their implication.

Something to do.

I don’t know if a job counts here but something to do that brings you joy. Not a chore. We all hate chores and the lucky few who love their job have a little something to do in there. The hobbies we neglect because life got busy, those little mundane things that we do not mind doing and have a real sense of satisfaction after finishing? Those are what I’m talking about..They give you a sense of fulfilment that nothing else could.

Something to love.

Something or someone to love. They say love is the greatest of all. That true love conquers all obstacles. True love , that is, the kind they talk about in the Bible. Its easy to love, easy to hate but harder to stay consistent with love. Its like a plant that needs to be tended. Without this then it just wilts. So you need to find that thing that will have you tending it so selflessly you get lost in it. Then when you find it, you need to get right on to it without ceasing or wavering. I think you can have more than one thing and be equally devoted. The more the merrier in this case.

Something to hope for.

What can I say. Without hope then there’s no point in doing the other two. Hope gives us something to live for. Its the only reason some of us get out of bed everyday. We hope for a better day, better year, better job, better harvest. Then we continue to live.we don’t live if we decide all is lost. The greatest dreams come alive through strong foundations of hope and the best thing about it, Its entirely within our control. How we choose to hope is something no other human can take away from us.

In retrospect I can’t possibly imagine how one would have to have all this things in order to be happy. I mean, its just what it is but then again, the very essence of happiness can be quite elusive for some but it doesn’t mean one won’t be happy if they don’t have all these things.

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  1. Govish Jonny · November 29, 2016

    Superb piece… had me thinking and re-evaluating what trully makes me happy.

    Liked by 1 person

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