For all its worth.

It has been a while since I wrote anything and so much has happened. Let’s see, Trump won the elections, who would have thought? Then just today we hear news about Fidel Castro’s death. I feel like my writing and the direction of my blog, which I haven’t decided by the way, should change. Too many things happening right left and center. Even though , I still had something to say when I started crazily tapping this keys which has somewhat decided to disappear.

Ah hah.. The US of A elections that’s what. I mean not who won or didn’t win. We all know that, to my disappointment. I always liked Hillary even though those emails threatened to end her and well, did finally finish her though there’s much more to it than that but I digress.

I’ve never considered myself a feminist because the particular brand that people subscribe to now is so misconstrued that the meaning of the whole movement becomes blurred and battered and then turned into something undesirable. The US elections however brought something to light. Women are their own worst enemies. No, we are our own worst enemies.

Saying this as a young woman myself,we just have to admit it to ourselves to move from it and hopefully find a solution. Oh well,I’m probably wishing for too much but we saw it, most of the displeased people during elections were women who thought Hillary weak for choosing to stay with Bill after his very public ‘incident’. The same women who will stay in an abusive marriage because of their children could not vote a woman because she chose what she thought was right for her family.

Closer home or even right at home, as soon as the news of Trump’s win came to light, I overhear a woman ecstatic at Hillary’s loss. The reason, she is a woman and should not be let to lead such a big country. This same woman , I bet, probably goes home every night and annoy s her husband with tales of how she has been working her ass off for 3 years and the promotion went to a man. I mean..I could not even begin to comprehend how she did not translate ¬†Hillary’s potential win into something good for every woman out there. It simply shows that our dreams are indeed valid and I can’t imagine any greater dream for a woman like Hillary than to have made it to the White House. I sincerely do feel for her especially for her loss been a huge show of just how wrong mankind can be.

I digress again, its a touchy subject this one. Back to women and ignoring our own empowerment while expecting everyone else to cut us some slack. Yes, we are women, we love to gossip. Some may say, its therapeutic. We take it too far however when we sit down sipping our coffees or juice in tall glasses and talking about our female bosses who in our opinion, don’t even deserve that post. We are all guilty of doing something of this kind at some point. The issue is to remember every time before we say something mean about each other that we should not expect support from any other person if we can’t support and be happy for our own. Men don’t sit down to discuss or try to bring each other down with word or actions. That’s all trivial stuff to them. They instead focus that energy into making themselves better. That is why, men will always be superior to us and until we learn to be nice to each other or in the very least tolerate each other, all you tongue wagging ‘feminists’ will go on campaigning for equal rights forgetting that the battle is in your own backyard.

Yes, I think the mood and tone for this blog has changed with this article. It has been a surprising year.change is good.

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