To be child like is the most desirable quality of all time. In my books, that is. Children don’t need loud gestures so they know you love them. A hug or a cuddle will suffice. Yet they will reward you with unbridled gratefulness. Not contained or measured. It will be full and pure you know in not so many words that it comes from their heart.

If I could get back one thing, it would be this. The child like qualities that we sadly leave behind as the years go by. I want to love, trust, hope, dream, expect like a child. I want to see the best in people. I want to see the best in everything even when its so cloudy I can’t make sense of myself. I want to be happy because the rain isnt spoiling my fun, its just making it different . I want to believe people when they say things and not dislike them when they don’t live up to their words.I want to not be skeptical of everything and everyone.

I want to not be sad when bad things happen and even when I’m sad,I want it to last just but a moment. I want to see the beauty in everything and everyone. When I wake up, I want to wake up with no recollection of yesterdays worries. A new day, a new page, new memories.

I want to laugh and make others laugh. I want to see the silver lining.I want to infect people with my laughter. When I love, I want it to be like a child’s love to its parents. Unconditional, pure, trusting.I want to have the vulnerability of a child. That oh so sweet ability to only see rainbows even when its all black, white and grey. That ability to give oneself devotedly without thought of consequence. To not be afraid to show one’s self without fear of judgement. I want all these things  because  its the only way to live through life enthusiastically. I want my innocence back.

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