Bare isn’t cold.

I remember this particular incident when I met someone for the first time and after we had sat down for a while and got into a rather comfortable place he takes my hand and looks at my nails and I can see his face literally transform then he looks at my ears and utters , ” no earrings? ” At this moment I’m clearly becoming a bit fidgety at this rather unusual display of affection. For lack of a better word. Then he went on to say..”wow, you are really simple, no make up , nails aren’t done and you don’t even wear earrings!” 

I immediately began to feel I should have dabbed a bit of powder or something to make it look like I wore something on my face. I mean he meant it as a compliment but I did not get it that time. It felt like It was so unusual for a lady in this day and age to be so comfortable and confident  in her skin that she did not have to wear layers and layers of make up. When you found one like that, she would automatically get singled out. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to look good and sometimes I’ll put on some makeup and complete it with a bold lip if I’m feeling sassy enough, but these are the days I feel like I need to not meet people in case I meet an old acquaintance and get the annoying , “aki you have changed so much!” Of course I have last saw me like 8 years ago. I prefer the “you look prettier than when I last saw you vibe” but I digress. On makeup and appearances. Having recently had a dermatologist advise me to stay away from anything on my face unless its light powder at least i now  have an answer to this question that while very well intentioned I have no doubt, always carries a bit of an inadequacy punch to the one being addressed. 

The media has always put a lot of pressure on how women look. Even celebrities are vilified when they fall short of beauty standards and yes, i understand how important it is for some to look like a super model all the time, but super models aren’t trying to hide their beauty behind a mask of concealer and highlighter and a bunch of other products. They already know they are beautiful and use makeup only to accentuate this.

 I would love to learn how to do the  contouring Kim Kardashian has so well perfected but even she knows when to take a break and go minimal or bare. Alicia Keys has recently been trying the au naturel look and I think she looks absolutely fabulous. What I’m simply trying to ask is where did we go so wrong that people no longer seem to grasp the concept of beauty unless its wrapped in a perfectly done eyebrows and fully made up face package. 

We all need to look beautiful and make up helps us do this but at the end of the day when you wash your face and strip bear of all the additives, all you should see is a pretty face and be happy with it.Not want to cover it up because you are scared the world will see you bare.To all the ladies who do not feel the need to get caked up, this is for you. There is nothing wrong with you or your style and no one should make you feel that way. If anything, you are truly eccentric because you choose not to conform.

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