The sweet spot.

We all want to get to that level of comfort where there is just enough love and space in a relationship. We don’t want to feel crowded or suffocated by our significant others but we also don’t want too much space that it feels like the love is missing.

That level though is very elusive well, because girls want to smother guys with texts every so often and expect  prompt replies while the guys would rather you didn’t text them at all.some guys that is. Others are very good sports and enjoy the conversation. So what happens  when you try to reach that perfect spot with very many fails. Do you relegate your relationship to be driven by the dictates of every other know, the kind where they text every waking minute and share even the excruciatingly embarrassing details. Come on girls, your boyfriend doesn’t need to know that those beans you ate yesterday were bad for your stomach and that you spent the entire night in the washroom.TMI. No matter how much it really matters to you that you signed a full disclosure agreement when you started dating. But I digress.

Eventually someone is going to start feeling annoyingly bored or crushed or just plain frustrated due to the lack of individual expression. If you were 5 steps towards the perfect spot you are now 10 steps away from your goal. To make it worse , conversations feel like monologues and before you know it all the things you thought you loved about each other now annoy both of you. Good luck if you survive at this point. Well..I am all for the sharing is caring but sometimes we want to be left alone. Which has nothing to do with you dearest, just time to think then we will come back and share what is on our minds. If only it was this easy. So the only option is to find that level. Of equal parts love, space, drama, that noseiying around that we girls like so much and attention. So, this is to finding that perfect spot.Good luck.

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